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PHP books

PHP books - why should I get one?

Why are people buying php books? There are a zillion PHP tutorials available for free on the internet, just type "PHP tutorial" in your favorite search engine and you can start reading. However, if you really want to learn PHP I can only say that in my honest opinion no online tutorial can help you learn PHP faster and easier then a good PHP book will. Invest a few bucks in a real PHP book - you won't regret it!

Here you will find some PHP books I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn PHP.

Recommended PHP books

PHP Essentials, 2nd Edition
This PHP book is great for non-programmers. It provides real-world examples of actual PHP script uses and it is the best way to get started writting useful scripts for your website quickly. Unlike most programming books this one explains how things work in a simple easy to understand manner. It also includes a guide to fundemental PHP functions.
PHP/MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner
Another book for beginners focusing mainly on practical PHP applications using a MySQL database. What I like about it is the fact that it teaches you basic programming principles which can later be applied to any other programming languages you tackle.
PHP and MySQL Web Development, Second Edition
Learn how to develop dynamic and secure commercial websites. The first edition was a best-seller and I am sure the second one will be also. A must have book if you want to keep in touch with a rapidly changing MySQL and PHP world.
PHP Bible, 2nd Edition
Like the name suggests, this book is a Bible. Get started with PHP, add it to HTML, use a MySQL or Oracle database and more. After you can handle these basic tasks learn about HTTP, using cookies to store data, creating graphics and using sessions.

Find more PHP books

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