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Click (Download) Counter

Script name: CCount - click and download counter
Current version: 2.0.3
Price: FREE

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Click Counter

CCount is a PHP click counter which can also be used as a download counter. With its help you can count clicks on any link on your website. A great tool if you want to know how many times a link has been clicked, a file downloaded ("download counter") and similar. You can also hide your affiliate links with PHP click counter. As long as it's a link - Ccount can count clicks on it!

Ccount uses flat-text database so no SQL databases are necessary. It comes with an admin panel where you can view link statistics: how many times a link has been clicked (both numerical and graphical display of stats), link with most clicks and average clicks per link. You can also easily add, edit, reset or remove links in the admin panel or even display the number of clicks on any web page.

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  • PHP 5 or newer
  • A modern browser for the admin interface

CCount has been tested on servers under Linux, Windows and FreeBSD operating systems. It should work on any server with a working installation of PHP.


For this example I want to know how many times a link to has been clicked. Here is the CCount-generated link:


The link above has been clicked times.

Nothing fancy, but it works :-) Now let's have a look at the admin panel. Please note that some functions (like adding and removing links) are disabled in the demo for obvious reasons.

Click here to enter admin panel
Admin password: demo



Click on the image to see a larger screenshot

Click counter administration
Click counter admin panel where you can view statistics, manage links, backup settings and more.
Click counter new link
Form for adding new links to the tracking.

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