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PHP Text Hit Counter

Script name: PHPCount - PHP text hit counter
Current version: 1.6.1
Price: FREE

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Text Hit Counter

PHPcount is a simple yet effective PHP text hit counter. It uses flat-text database so no SQL database is necessary. It can count hits for multiple pages of your website or even websites on other servers. With the help of cookies it can count unique visits only.

The count is displayed on the page using a simple Javascript code. The script prints out only the number (i.e. 15344) which you can easily format with HTML code.

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  • PHP 4.4 or newer

PHPTCount has been tested on servers under Linux, Windows and FreeBSD operating systems. It should work on any server with a working installation of PHP.


Below are a few examples of how this counter can be implemented into your website. Reload this page to see how the value of counter increases. The sky is the limit as far as formatting the number is concerned.

visits since xx-yy-zzzz

Number of visitors so far:

This page has been visited times!

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