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Random text / quotes PHP script

Script name: RanTex - random text script
Current version: 1.1
Price: FREE

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Random Text Rotator

RanTex is a random text script. RanTex will display a random quote or text block from a list of your choice. Text/quotes can contain HTML code so you can make them interactive.

Random quotes can be displyed either using Javascript or used as a PHP include:

<script type="text/javascript" src="rantex.php"></script>

<?php include 'rantex.php'; ?>



  • displays random text or quotes from a list of your choice,
  • quotes can be hard-coded or listed in an external file,
  • random text can be displayed using Javascript or as a PHP include,
  • supports changing display settings on-the-fly (use one copy of the script for both PHP includes and Javascript display mode),
  • ... and much more!,
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  • PHP 4.4 or newer

RanTex has been tested on servers under Linux, Windows and FreeBSD operating systems. It should work on any server with a working installation of PHP.


See RanTex displaying random text using Javascript and directly (as an include) here:

Random Text Demo

Try refreshing the test page to see how quotes randomly changes.


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