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PHP Guestbook

Script name: GBook - PHP Guestbook
Current version: 1.7.2
Price: FREE

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Setup a guestbook for your website with this free PHP script. If you want to know what your visitors think about your website this is the perfect guestbook for you.

GBook doesn't require a MySQL database to run. It will process emoticons (smileys), send you an e-mail notification when someone signs your guestbook, you can delete inappropriate messages, manually approve new posts, limit the length of comments, the number of emoticons per post and more. Visitors can even post private guestbook messages that only you can read! This guestbook comes with IP banning, valid XHTML code, a bad words filter that replaces nasty words with * * * and a security switch that prevents flooding (submitting the same message over and over again)!

You can completely customize the look of the guestbook. You can either simply add code to the header and footer or have complete control over the look and feel by modifying the template files.

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  • PHP 4.4 or newer

GBook has been tested on servers under Linux, Windows and FreeBSD operating systems. It should work on any server with a working installation of PHP.


You may test the script here: Guestbook Demo



Click on the image to see a larger screenshot

Guestbook main page
This is the default look of the PHP Guestbook.
Sign guestbook page
This form is used to sign the guestbook (add a new entry by a visitor).
Guestbook administration
The web site owner can delete inappropriate posts or reply to inquiries using a simple interface.

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Is your current guestbook full of SPAM?

GBook features industry-leading anti-SPAM protection measures that include a visual Captcha image, an anti-SPAM logical question and a special JunkMark™ filter. For more info on guestbook spam and how effective GBook is at fighting it read this article:

Guestbook spam - what is it and how to stop it



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